SmartPay Branding

SmartPay Branding

SmartPay’s strong brand identity plays an important role in driving success for our partners. Understanding our mission and values will help you to work with us better. We created SmartPay so that it would be easy to use and straightforward to explain to team members during the training process, as well as to customers. In this blog post, we’re going to unpack our brand identity so that you can get a better sense of what SmartPay is all about.


Connection and Simplicity

We know it’s important to stay connected. Technology allows us to participate in a culture of immediacy and to access information with ease. Technology affords us the ability to navigate the increasing complexities of modern life. With technology, we have the ability to live synchronously, which opens up possibilities for sharing and collaboration.  

This can also create complexity in our relationships to each other, in addition to time, knowledge, and money. All this can leave us feeling a bit frazzled and fragmented at times. Therefore, we need smart, streamlined, and sustainable solutions to maintain balance. We need ways to organize our experience that actually work. Our smart leasing solutions are designed for easy setup (at no risks or cost to you), an efficient application process, and automatic payment collections. We also provide the necessary support to help your business thrive.

As a B2B2C company in the FinTech space, we care about both customers and partners. For our customers, we strive to provide access to the latest technology through innovative financial services.

For you, we focus growing businesses. We use software and data analytics to solve the hard problems of underwriting consumers with minimal credit history. We offer robust and simple-to-use reporting tools to assist you in running your business smoothly. We also have other resources and support to help you sell more, including this blog and a monthly digest with tips and updates.


Our Logo

Our logo represents geometric simplicity married with a natural, organic concept. There are 12 leaves arranged in a circular pattern, much like the face of a clock. They also suggest the 12 months that make up a calendar year.



Yes, we’re thinking in cycles here. We offer flexible lease payment plans that allow customers to get the items they love, and pay over time. This is convenient for them because our system automatically collects the payments on their scheduled due dates. It is also convenient for you, because you can focus on selling while we take care of collecting the lease payments from customers.

The cyclical nature of SmartPay is also attainable because once customers complete their lease, they are welcome to reapply for SmartPay to get a new device.

The circular pattern also reflects the dynamics of our company culture. Respect is SmartPay’s first core value. We recognize that there are multiple pathways to achieving insights. We value everyone’s ideas — this includes employees, vendors, partners, consumers, and regulators.

We value collaboration and strategy. We share knowledge openly and listen actively to keep everyone’s interests in mind. We solve problems by integrating human-centered and data-driven approaches.


Our Color Palette

We designed our color palette to evoke our smart and vibrant nature, while maintaining a strong connection to our parent company, TEMPOE. Here is a breakdown of our colors and the values they represent:

Yellow/Chartreuse: This is one of the brightest and most energizing tones within the warm colors. It is very stimulating; at the same time, it transmits joy and warmth. We use it on strategic points to call attention. It expresses an optimistic, comfortable, and welcoming spirit. It also suggests the uniqueness of consumer choices, charisma, creativity, and futurism.

Light Blues: These shades of blue exhibit confidence, security, harmony, and intelligence.

Greens: Reflecting our innovative personality, the greens express freshness, happiness, and youth.

Dark Grey: This color balances out the previous 3 colors. Dark grey is impartial, practical, solid, reliable, and professional. It suggests security, efficiency, clarify, luxury, and sophistication.



Estimate Payment Amount with the Pricing Calculator

Estimate Payment Amount with the Pricing Calculator

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Sales Tool: BuyOut and Early Payoff Options