Estimate Payment Amount with the Pricing Calculator

Estimate Payment Amount with the Pricing Calculator

How much will my payments cost?

You have probably been asked this question many times, often before the customer has started the application process.


Why Use It?

You can use the pricing calculator to help customers estimate how much their payments will cost when using SmartPay. By providing this information to customers, you can show them how affordable SmartPay is. SmartPay lets customers get the items they love today, and pay over time in low payments.

The scheduled payment amount is based on two factors:

  • Cart amount (total retail value of the items)
  • Payment frequency (How often the customer makes a payment. There are various options depending on whether or not the lease includes an auto-refill service plan.)


Where to Find It

We’ve updated the location of the pricing calculator so that it is easier to find. To access the pricing calculator, visit the SmartPay Store Site and click on the circular icon on the right (next to the link to our blog), which is now above the fold of the page.


How to Use It

To use the pricing calculator, click and drag the slider on the screen.

Here is an example:

This pricing calculator displays the scheduled payment amount for a SmartPay Lease with a cart amount of $680.

Screenshot - Pricing Calculator.png

This customer is on a monthly payment plan consisting of a total of 12 payments. As you can see, the initial payment is the same as the scheduled payment amounts. The pricing calculator will also show the amount the customer will save by processing an Early Payoff.

Let’s say the customer wants to know how much the scheduled payments will be if she adds a 2nd device to her lease (provided it falls within her approval amount). You would click and drag the slider to the right to increase the cart amount (total retail value of the items).

Choose From Flexible Payment Options

Choose From Flexible Payment Options

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