Field Account Manager Interview: Cyrus Dixon

Field Account Manager Interview: Cyrus Dixon

We’ve been sharing stories from folks in the field (both SmartPay sales team members and partners) to offer a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, as well as to share with you some tips for success in selling SmartPay. This month we interviewed Cyrus Dixon from the Baltimore/Washington and Southern Virginia area.

Can you tell us what a typical day as a Field Account Manager is like?

First, I'll say a typical day as an FAM is always full of surprises. Normally it starts with reporting and data, [as] these two areas help drive conversations that drive sales behavior while in the doors and is a key focus to the success of our partners. After responding to emails and following up with dealer requests, I head out to the field.

The field is where you see your training and studying pay off. Whether it's a ride along or store visit, dealers love sales support and its knowledge of their program and services. I always ask myself, How can I make SmartPay an exciting service for the rep to offer every customer? There's always a dealer reaching out for additional support, which is another great way to build relationships – leveraging our services which working through minor hiccups to find the end result. Ultimately having the carriers’ support and buy-in always helps [to] increase my presence in the region.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I think the most amazing part of my role is working with the regional directors to grow their channel and increase their performance. Also training their account executive teams and working with the local owners/field sales reps to develop their knowledge about our service and how it will impact their volume and revenue.

Tell us about a challenge you've encountered as an FAM (and how you resolved it).

My initial challenge was [to figure out what to] say to a dealer or get them to invest their time to meet and into using our services consistently and hold[ing] their teams accountable. I created a formal approach to positioning SmartPay to a dealer that wasn't getting me the results I wanted . . . Using this practice has increased dealer buy-in and even dealers creating a SmartPay commission payout for their team, $1 for every application submitted. At the end of the day dealers want to know, How much money can I earn by using SmartPay?

How did you get started in your industry?

I accidentally landed in wireless over 10 years ago. I was walking through Virginia Center Commons Mall and saw a “Now Hiring” sign at a Sprint kiosk, I interviewed and was hired the same day. I thought it was only going to be a temporary position but it lasted for approximately 5 years. One reason I fell in love with wireless was because it allowed you to use a global platform to connect families, friends and loved ones; now you can connect with people all over the world at the touch of a button.

Do you have any tips/suggestions to share with dealers on selling SmartPay (or utilizing the tools available on the Partner Dashboard)?

A few suggestions I would make to the dealers would be to work with their FAMs to train their teams and lead with SmartPay. Once a customer is approved, their buying power increases significantly at the time of sale. Most dealers offer it as an afterthought or only for high end devices but if they train their teams and lead with it, their sales potential will be even greater.

Accessing the Partner Dashboard is significant for every dealer’s success. They will be able to identify trends, store performances  and to see what reps are really impacting their business. The most engaged reps are using SmartPay because they see the value in it as well.

What do you enjoy most about the geographic area you're in?

The DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) is a great area for everything from festivals to museums to seafood. The people here are from all different aspects of life and you have the ability to learn from all different cultures that impact, not just your personal views but your professional views as well.

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