From Around the Web: Smartphone Reviews

From Around the Web: Smartphone Reviews

Perhaps you’ve perfected your SmartPay pitch and have convinced many customers to start an application, but you notice that customers aren’t completing the application because they are unsure about which smartphone to get. What can you do?

Stay informed about the latest smartphones on the market so that you can help customers find a smartphone they love, and pay for it over time using SmartPay.

Where do you turn for your smartphone reviews? In case you could use a few more sources, we’ve compiled a list of 5 blogs to follow:

Digital Trends - Phone Reviews

Digital Trends is an excellent source for technology and mobile news, but the phone reviews section lets you filter the devices by features, screen size, and manufacturer. Thus, if your customer’s main concern is having a large screen, or they are looking to replace their LG phone with a newer model, this may be the place to go.

The Verge - Phone Reviews

Which is the best phone on the market right now? According to The Verge, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S8/8 Plus. Click here to find out why, as well as to compare it to a few alternatives (each with a list of pros and cons).

Tom’s Guide

Tom’s Guide is a comprehensive resource that features reviews relevant to every kind of smartphone user, from the best smartphone cameras to the best small phones. You can also learn about upcoming releases on their website.

Android Authority

Visit the reviews section of Android Authority to find out more about specific smartphones, but check out the rest of the website to stay-up-to-date with the latest Android trends - hardware, software, as well as apps and games.

The Wirecutter

Smartphones reviewed by The Wirecutter go through a rigorous and thorough testing process. They also do reviews on accessories, such as headphones, smartphone cases, battery packs, and bluetooth speakers.

Familiarize yourself with different smartphones so you can help customers find what they need and encourage them to complete their SmartPay application.

For general wireless news, mobile trends, and smartphone features and tips, check out this list of 5 industry blogs to follow.

Are there any smartphone blogs you’d recommend? Leave a comment to let us know!

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SmartPay Partner Dashboard: What’s Available

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