SmartPay wants to approve more customers!

SmartPay wants to approve more customers!

Additional information leads to more approvals

At SmartPay we work hard to approve as many of your customers as possible, so in addition to the recent changes that make our product easier to understand and sell, we’ve simplified the application process so it’s as quick and effortless as possible. 

For most customers, it’s easy for us to make a decision to approve a SmartPay lease application and send them shopping in your store for a new device and accessories.   However, in certain cases, we need to ask for more information so we can approve as many people as possible.   We ask for additional bank and reference info which allows us to approve some customers we would otherwise not approve.

How it works

This is the screen you’ll see if your customer has been asked for additional information.


The first section refers to bank information and this is what you’ll see.  When we look at banking information we don’t necessarily have a minimum account length we evaluate, we look at a variety of other factors as well.

The second section asks for employment and reference information.  While we do not immediately contact the references you provide, we may:

- Verify the input information

- Reserve the right to contact if deemed necessary based on lease performance

Good to know!

One important feature of additional information screens is the ability for your customer to complete this portion of the application process in the comfort of their own home or in-store. 

There are a few reasons the customer may want to do this at home:

- They do not have their banking or reference information with them

- They are uncomfortable sharing this information in person

If they choose to complete this on their own, the customer will receive a link via email they can follow to easily fill in the additional information and complete their application.

However, if the customer would like to complete the process in-store, it can easily be done by following this simple step:

- The store associate looks up the customer's application using their DOB and last 4 of their SSN which brings them to where they can resume the process based on where they left it off


It’s important to us at SmartPay to approve as many customers as possible!  We do this by making the best approval decisions we can for each customer that walks through your door.  We hope this helps you understand the request for this additional information and if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via dealer support.  Or feel free to leave us a comment here!

Thank you for your continued support as a SmartPay partner.

Miss S.P.





A Smart Partner for your business

A Smart Partner for your business

SmartPay can pay you the same day for your transactions!

SmartPay can pay you the same day for your transactions!