SmartPay Partner Dashboard: What’s Available

SmartPay Partner Dashboard: What’s Available

We want to help you succeed in using SmartPay to drive sales at your stores!

Therefore, we offer an abundance of tools for learning about SmartPay and managing your SmartPay account through our Partner Dashboard. You may have read our earlier blog post about it, but since then we’ve added many updates.

Here’s an overview of what’s available to date:

Home Page

If you’re a visual thinker, the graphs and charts on the home page of the Partner Dashboard will be especially helpful.

The Sales Performance graph shows you where your money is within the fund flow and assists in identifying trends within your SmartPay sales data. Keep track of your fund disbursement figures, sales statistics, and total transactions for the last 7 days.

Sales Performance Graph.png

Compare the number of applications that have been started, submitted, approved, and completed with the Application Success rate graph. Click on the bars for any of these 4 variables in order to compare conversion rates and to figure out where you can make improvements in your sales process.

Sales Opportunities Graph.png

The Sales Opportunities chart displays the phone numbers for the customers who have been approved for SmartPay at your store, as well as the approval amount and application expiration date.

The Team Performance chart ranks your team members according to total sales.


Manage your Business Information, Disbursement Method, Bank Accounts, Stores, and Team here. A step-by-step guide on how to do this is available in the SmartPay Partner Dashboard Training Deck, which you can download from the “Resources” section.

Manage Settings.png


Download the following reports (which you can download as CSV files or view in your browser) to track critical numbers for your stores:


This report displays your sales and returns. The Cash Flow report also shows the disbursement status of each transaction.

Track the success of your application funnel by store. The Application Success report shows you how many applications were processed, the number of approvals that resulted in transactions (completed SmartPay applications), as well as your total sales for the period specified.

View the customers that were approved for SmartPay but didn’t complete the transaction. Reach out to these customers and encourage them to finish the checkout process specifically at your store. It’s also an opportunity to remind them of the benefits of using SmartPay.

  • Disbursement

Reconcile your SmartPay transactions with your bank deposits.


Access training tools and sales tips in this section. Use the training decks (and other tools like videos) to onboard new team members, find out how you can improve your sales pitch, and overcome objections. We’ll be adding more tools in the future, so keep checking back.


Is there something you’d like to see on the Partner Dashboard in the future? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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