Here's Why the Biggest Carriers Choose SmartPay

Here's Why the Biggest Carriers Choose SmartPay

From MetroPCS to Boost, the biggest carriers choose SmartPay because it’s easy-to-use, at no risk or cost to the dealer. Are you interested in offering SmartPay at your store, too?


Here are a few other advantages to using SmartPay:

Increase Sales

Grow your business by helping customers get the devices they love. We take care of the leasing, so you can focus on selling. Visit our website and click “Get a Demo” and we’d be happy to show you how SmartPay works.


Diversify Options for Customers

With SmartPay, customers can walk out of the store with a smartphone today, and pay for it over time with low, affordable payments. This means that a wider range of options are available to customers, who may not have been able to pay for the full retail value of the smartphone upfront. Customers can get the latest and most popular smartphones without breaking the bank. Increasing customers’ buying power means greater overall sales for you.


Fast Setup

The onboarding process is easy, and no integration is required. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to our Partner Dashboard and Store Site.


Robust Reporting Tools

From monitoring your cash flow to tracking the success of your application funnel by store, the reports available for download from the Partner Dashboard can help you grow your business and get the most out of SmartPay. Additionally, the home page of the Partner Dashboard features useful charts and graphs, including the Sales Performance graph, which shows you where your money is within the fund flow and assists in identifying trends within your SmartPay sales data. Leverage this data to increase sales.


Training Tools

We offer various training decks and sales tips to help your team members learn about SmartPay and successfully pitch SmartPay to customers. Additionally, your Field Account Manager (FAM) and our Dealer Support Team are available to answer any questions you may have.

Field Account Manager Interview: Cyrus Dixon

Field Account Manager Interview: Cyrus Dixon