SmartPay Partner Dashboard: What’s Available

We want to help you succeed in using SmartPay to drive sales at your stores!

Therefore, we offer an abundance of tools for learning about SmartPay and managing your SmartPay account through our Partner Dashboard. You may have read our earlier blog post about it, but since then we’ve added many updates.

Here’s an overview of what’s available to date:

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How to Use the Disbursement Report

Need to check on the status for the last few SmartPay transactions you processed? Download the Disbursement Report from the “Reports” section of the Partner Dashboard so that you can reconcile your SmartPay transactions with your bank deposits.

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Lifecycle of Smartphones

With SmartPay, customers don’t have to wait until their smartphones stop working or are obsolete to get a new phone. They can get the phone they love today, and make low, affordable payments over time.

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Application Success Report

The Application Success Report is one of the most helpful reports because it helps you to track your completed SmartPay transactions and sales. It is one of several reports that are available to you via the SmartPay Partner Dashboard.

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5 Industry Blogs to Follow

We’ve compiled a list of blogs to help you stay on top of the latest wireless industry news, as well as general mobile trends, so that you can help your customers find smartphones they love and use SmartPay to pay over time.

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Customer Self-Service via SmartPay Account

It’s important for customers to know how to access their SmartPay account details and manage their account. Giving them the knowledge to help themselves will improve their experience, as well as increase the likelihood that they will buy from your store and be satisfied with the experience. Here’s how you can help customers learn about SmartPay’s available self-service tools.

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