Field Account Manager Spotlight: Christina Baskerville

Field Account Manager Spotlight: Christina Baskerville

Field Account Managers have a wide range of responsibilities, including helping dealers like you get the best out of partnering with SmartPay. You may have interacted with your Field Account Manager to implement SmartPay in your store, for training purposes, to request marketing collateral, and/or to collaborate on sales contests and marketing events. Field Account Managers also build relationships with carrier representatives and sales directors in their regions by bringing them around to stores on ride-alongs, provide feedback to SmartPay on product improvements or urgent production issues, and more.

We’ve been sharing stories from folks in the field (both SmartPay sales team members and partners) to offer a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, as well as to share with you some tips for success in selling SmartPay. This is our second Field Account Manager interview.

This month we interviewed Christina Baskerville, SmartPay’s Field Account Manager in the Boston area. This is our second Field Account Manager interview.

To start, can you describe a typical day as a Field Account Manager?

A typical day for me would consist of either being in the field or in the office, making the most sense of where I spend my time and figuring out where I need to be to gain the most buy in in my market. Also, being properly prepared for each day, is key!

What do you like most about your role?

A few of things I love most about my role is seeing my market consistently improve every month and knowing it was my efforts to get it where it is. Another thing I would say I love about my role, is being blessed with such an amazing management team, which helped me develop professionally and are always there to share my joy when there is something to celebrate.  Thirdly, my dealers are the best; I love the relationship building piece of it.

Tell us about a challenge you’ve encountered as an FAM (and how you resolved it).

My biggest challenge, I would say is growing the SPG channel. I just continue to push forward in all avenues, by remaining as visible and persistent as possible. This is a channel; I am determined to win...It will happen slowly but surely!

How did you get started in your industry?

I’ve worked in the wireless industry for the past 11 years. Prior to joining SmartPay, I worked at Sprint as an Account Executive. When I found out there was an opportunity with SmartPay, I explored it, and it was definitely the right decision. By far!

Do you have any tips/suggestions to share with dealers on selling SmartPay?

A suggestion to my dealers would be to make sure that SmartPay is part of their everyday sales regimen. Also, I always like to find out what’s most important to each individual dealer or in what areas they wish to improve and show them how SmartPay can help tremendously, if executed properly.

What do you enjoy most about the Boston area?

I was born and raised in New England, so it’s home!

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